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THINK LIKE A MOLECLE,” noted by author Chuck Champlin

 Steve Hirsch, college friend and now Associate Professor of Classics and History at Tufts University, had this to say about “Think Like a Molecule.”

Thank you so much for sending me your book. I know you’ve been thinking about this stuff for a long time. You must be feeling great to have it out in the world.  This is as much immortality as we get!  Especially special for me because I can hear your voice saying the words.  In some ways it reminds me of the pre-Socratic Greek philosophers. They are often thought of as the first stage of western science, and there’s something to that, but they weren’t doing experimental science, they were creating conceptual models that helped them understand and discuss what happened in the world.  That’s my sense of your project as well, starting from the more advanced baseline that modern science provides us.   And the book is suffused with your characteristic warmth, wit, and skill in writing. Hey, I know that guy!

 From Dianne Anderson, historian in Chico, California:

This book makes me think deep within my own inner galaxy.  I usually take my body, my life and my surroundings for granted, not thinking of the tiny specks of building blocks that make it all happen, and the spark that lights it up.

You make molecular technology intriguing and fun to learn about.  Your style of writing is very interesting and entertaining, making me want to turn the page and see what happens next.  And the best part of all – it’s a true story about our inner selves, the world around us and all the galaxies and the vast expanse of the great beyond.  Thank you for making this book possible.